Oz: A gathering, a shindig or a hootenanny?
from Dead Man's Party (Season 3)
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OZ: We should figure out what kinda deal this is. I mean, is it a-a gathering, a shindig or a hootenanny?

CORDELIA: What's the difference?

OZ: Well, a gathering is brie, mellow song stylings; shindig, dip, (Cordelia smiles) less mellow song stylings, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage; and hootenanny, well, it's chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny.

XANDER: Well, I hate brie.

CORDELIA: I know. It smells like Giles' cat.

GILES: It's not my...

XANDER: (interrupts) And what'll we talk about at a gathering anyway? 'So, Buffy, did you meet any nice pimps on your travels? And oh, by the by, thanks for ruining our lives for the past three months.'

WILLOW: Xander...

XANDER: You know what I mean. She doesn't want to talk about it, we don't want to talk about it, so why don't we just shut up and dance?

WILLOW: Well, Buffy said she did want to loosen up, you know, have some kid time. (to Oz) Aren't you guys rehearsing tonight? Why don't you play at the party?

OZ: Yeah, I think I could supply some Dingo action.

GILES: Uh, I-I'm not sure that, a, a, um... shindig...

OZ: Hootenanny.

GILES: H-hootenanny i-i-is really the order of the day. Uh, uh, it should... Maybe something a little more intimate. I-I-I mean, Buffy has just got home. I'm, I'm sure she's still feeling a little disoriented.

WILLOW: All the more reason to make her feel welcome, a-and a big party says, 'Welcome, Buffy.'

XANDER: Okay, so one vote from the Old Guy for a Smelly Cheese Night, and how many votes for actual fun, huh?

GILES: Alright, alright. Have it your way. I'm just glad to have her home. Now things can get back to normal.

(He flips a page, but looks over at the cat instead. On the page is a drawing of Joyce's mask. He flips another page before turning his attention back to it.)

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written by: Marti Noxon; Transcribed by: AleXander Thompson. Full transcript at:
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