So much for the element of surprise
from Salvage (Season 4)
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WESLEY: Do you know where we're going?

FAITH: Not especially.

WESLEY: How do you expect to find Angelus without Connor?

FAITH: The old-fashioned way. The kid's not the only tracker. Something'll turn up. A trail of bodies, tell-tale clue... (looks up at a huge sign hung from the side of the building that reads WELCOME FAITH) maybe a carpet fiber.

WESLEY: So much for the element of surprise. We'll have to come at him from two sides.

FAITH: You take low. I'll hit him high.

VAMPIRE 2: (punches Wesley) Pretty ballsy, mister, creeping around my buddy Angelus. Come on, pretty boy.

VAMPIRE 1: Our buddy.

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written by: David Fury; Original transcript by CariCranberry. Edited and formatted for this site by me.. Full transcript at:
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