Submarine, 1943: Angel: Lawson, Spike. The Prince of Lies. Put 'em to work if you need 'em.
from Why We Fight (Season 5)
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(Angel leads the crew into the area of the ship Spike & co had taken over)

ANGEL: Watch each other's backs, and stay alert. Follow our lead. We'll get out of this. All right?

(they arrive in the compartment with Spike & The Prince of Lies. Angel makes introduction)

ANGEL: Lawson, Spike. The Prince of Lies. Put 'em to work if you need 'em.

LAWSON: Spinelli, take Heinrich up to the galley. Then do a full systems check. You got 5 minutes. Start with the batteries. I want juice as soon as possible. O'Shea... you're at the helm. Tyler? You're gonna have to handle bow and stern for now.

O'SHEA: If we have to surface, we can't outmaneuver the Jerrys on batteries alone.

LAWSON: I'll work on the engines once we're under way. Right now I just wanna get moving.

SPIKE: And where does the captain sit?

LAWSON: Uh, right there. (points)

SPIKE: Oh. Right.

(he sits in the captain's chair)

SPIKE: And now, uh, who brings the captain his drink?

LAWSON: Hodge, you're on communications.

(Hodge doesn't respond; he just stares at Spike)

LAWSON: Hodge!

(nods, goes to his station)

PRINCE OF LIES: (creepily) And what should I do?

ANGEL: Sit down over here, Prince of Lies.

(ushers the Prince of Lies to a seat away from the others. The Prince of Lies inspects the controls near his seat)

PRINCE OF LIES: This bathysphere is perplexing. Ah...

(listens to headset, hisses)

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