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Welcome to the Hellmouth  Buffy starts school (and slaying) in Sunnydale.Ep001(1.1)
The Harvest  Buffy stops the Harvest by defeating Luke.Ep002(1.2)
The Witch  Amy's witchy mother is desparate to recapture her glory days as a cheerleader.Ep003(1.3)
Teacher's Pet  Xander falls for the substitute teacher, who turns out to be a man-eating She-Mantis.Ep004(1.4)
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date  Buffy attemps to date clueless Owen despite Annointed One prophecies.Ep005(1.5)
The Pack  Xander & a clique of mean kids are possessed by hyena spirits.Ep006(1.6)
Angel  Angel's real identity is revealed.Ep007(1.7)
I Robot, You Jane  Willow's on-line boyfriend turns out to be a demon released into cyberspace.Ep008(1.8)
The Puppet Show  An organ-harvesting demon haunts the school Talent Show.Ep009(1.9)
Nightmares  A boy in a coma (Billy) brings everyone's nightmares to reality.Ep010(1.10)
Out of Mind, Out of Sight (Invisible Girl)  An invisible girl (Marcie) has a grudge against Cordelia.Ep011(1.11)
Prophecy Girl  A prophecy fortells Buffy is doomed to die at the hands of the Master.Ep012(1.12)


When She Was Bad  The school year starts back up & Buffy works out pent up issuesEp013(2.1)
Some Assembly Required  A Sunnydale science student wants Cordelia as head-donor for the bride he's building for his reanimated older brother.Ep014(2.2)
School Hard  Spike & Drusilla move in to Sunnydale in the midst of Buffy's Parent-Teacher Night hostessing.Ep015(2.3)
Inca Mumy Girl  The foreign exchange student Xander falls for turns out to be an Incan Mummy who has to kill others to continue living.Ep016(2.4)
Reptile Boy  A college frat tries to sacrifice Buffy & Cordelia to the snake-like Machida (aka Reptile Boy)Ep017(2.5)
Halloween  Ethan Rayne turns everyone into their Halloween costumes.Ep018(2.6)
Lie to Me  Buffy's old friend Ford comes to Sunnydale intent on becoming a vampire.Ep019(2.7)
The Dark Age  Giles' Ripper past is revealed when the demon Eyghon comes to Sunnydale.Ep020(2.8)
What's My Line Part 1  Spike finds the key to Drusilla's recovery and sics the Order of Taraka on Buffy.Ep021(2.9)
What's My Line Part 2  Kendra helps Buffy rescue Angel from Spike & Dru.Ep022(2.10)
Ted  Joyce dates Ted, the psycho-robot.Ep023(2.11)
Bad Eggs  Parent-the-egg project with demon eggs; meanwhile the Gorches come to town.Ep024(2.12)
Surprise  Drusilla plans a gathering with the Judge as guest of honor; meanwhile it's Buffy's 17th birthday.Ep025(2.13)
Innocence  Angel becomes Angelus and the Judge goes looking for action.Ep026(2.14)
Phases  Oz deals with becoming a werewolf.Ep027(2.15)
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered  Xander's love spell backfires causing every female except Cordelia to fall madly in love with him.Ep028(2.16)
Passion  Jenny works to translate Angel's curse and win back the gang's trust; meanwhile Angelus stalks Buffy & co.Ep029(2.17)
Killed by Death  Der Kindestod stalks fever patients in the Sunnydale hospital children's ward.Ep030(2.18)
I Only Have Eyes for You  The ghost of a high school student re-enacts his murder of his lover/teacher & subsequent suicide.Ep031(2.19)
Go Fish  Hellmouth steriods turn the high school swim team into fishy monsters.Ep032(2.20)
Becoming (Part I)  Angelus gets his hands on a dormant demon (Acathla) and decides to send the world to hell by waking him up.Ep033(2.21)
Becoming (Part 2)  Angelus wakes Acathla.Ep034(2.22)


Anne  Buffy, working as a waitress under an assumed name, foils a demon plot to enslave marginal LA youth.Ep035(3.1)
Dead Man's Party  Maurauding zombies crash Buffy's welcome home party and ease Scooby/Mom vs Slayer tensions.Ep036(3.2)
Faith, Hope & Trick  New Slayer Faith comes to town, followed by the revengeful Kakistos & his associate Mr. Trick.Ep037(3.3)
Beauty & the Beasts  Oz-wolf falls under suspicion when an abusive dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde starts mauling people; meanwhile Buffy stumbles across a wild beast-like Angel running lose in the woods.Ep038(3.4)
Homecoming  Cordelia & Buffy vie for the title of Homecoming Queen while Mr.Trick organizes Slayerfest '98.Ep039(3.5)
Band Candy  Ethan's cursed band candy causes Sunnydale adults to revert to teenage-hood.Ep040(3.6)
Revelations  Faith's New Watcher (Gwendolyn Post) arrives; meanwhile the gang discovers Buffy's been hiding Angel.Ep041(3.7)
Lover's Walk  Spike (dumped, depressed & drunk) roars back into Sunnydale, stirring up trouble in all the gangs' love lives.Ep042(3.8)
The Wish  Bitter Post-Xander Cordelia's wish that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale is granted by Demon Anyanka.Ep043(3.9)
Amends  The First Evil takes credit for Angel's return, prodding him to kill Buffy.Ep044(3.10)
Gingerbread  Sunnydale citizens (lead by Joyce) embark on a witch hunt after 2 children are found murdered.Ep045(3.11)
Helpless  The Watcher's Council imposes a birthday challenge on Buffy by neutralizing her Slayer powers & releasing a crazy vamp.Ep046(3.12)
The Zeppo  Xander deals with a rowdy undead gang while the rest of the Scoobies concentrate on averting an impending apocalypse.Ep047(3.13)
Bad Girls  Demon Balthazar comes to Sunnydale looking for his amulet.Ep048(3.14)
Consequences  Faith tries to elude responsibility for her accidental murder of Finch.Ep049(3.15)
Doppelgängland  Anya's attempts to get her powers back bring Evil Vamp Willow to Sunnydale.Ep050(3.16)
Enemies  Faith's attempts to turn Angel evil give away her switch to the Mayor's cause.Ep051(3.17)
Earshot  Buffy's infected with demon telepathy & overhears plans for a school massacre.Ep052(3.18)
Choices  Buffy must return the box of Gavrock to the Mayor in exchange for Willow's life.Ep053(3.19)
The Prom  Hellhounds threaten the Prom; Angel breaks up with Buffy.Ep054(3.20)
Graduation Part 1  Everyone prepares for the ascension.Ep055(3.21)
Graduation Part 2  Buffy cures Angel with her blood & The Mayor ascends.Ep056(3.22)


The Freshman  Buffy gets off to a shaky start at UC Sunnydale.Ep057(4.1)
Living Conditions  Buffy has problems adjusting to life with her soul-sucking demon dormmate.Ep058(4.2)
The Harsh Light of Day  Spike returns to Sunnyville looking for the Gem of Amara.Ep059(4.3)
Fear Itself  A Halloween party decoration conjures a fear demon at a frat-house.Ep060(4.4)
Beer Bad  Buffy drowns her Parker-sorrows with magic beer.Ep061(4.5)
Wild at Heart  Oz is drawn to the seductive Veruca, another werewolf.Ep062(4.6)
The Initiative  A neutered Spike escapes from the Initiative, which turns out to be run by Professor Walsh.Ep063(4.7)
Pangs  Vengeful spirits of Chumash Indians disrupt Buffy's Thanksgiving efforts.Ep064(4.8)
Something Blue  In her grief over Oz's departure, Willow spells Giles blind, Buffy & Spike into marriage & Xander into being a demon magnet.Ep065(4.9)
Hush  The Gentleman steal Sunnydale's inhabitants' ability to speak.Ep066(4.10)
Doomed  Buffy debates the merits of her budding relationship with Riley while trying to avert an apocalypse.Ep067(4.11)
A New Man  Ethan transforms Giles into a Fyarl demon.Ep068(4.12)
The "I" in Team  Buffy joins the Initiative team.Ep069(4.13)
Goodbye Iowa  Riley goes through Initiative drug withdrawals; Adam introduces himself.Ep070(4.14)
This Year's Girl  Faith emerges from her coma.Ep071(4.15)
Who Are You?  Faith masquerades as Buffy.Ep072(4.16)
Superstar  Jonathan mojos everyone into thinking he's impossibly cool.Ep073(4.17)
Where the Wild Things Are  The Initiative frat house is haunted by the spirits of repressed teens.Ep074(4.18)
New Moon Rising  Willow must chose between Oz & Tara; Riley quits the Initiative.Ep075(4.19)
The Yoko Factor  Spike provokes smouldering conflicts among the Scoobies.Ep076(4.20)
Primeval  Final show down between Buffy & Adam.Ep077(4.21)
Restless  The first slayer hunts Buffy, Giles, Xander & Willow in their dreams.Ep078(4.22)


Buffy vs. Dracula  Count Dracula visits Sunnydale.Ep079(5.1)
The Real Me  Harmony & her gang kidnap Dawn.Ep080(5.2)
The Replacement  Xander gets split in two by a demon named Toth.Ep081(5.3)
Out of My Mind  Riley gets sick and Spike plots to have his chip removed.Ep082(5.4)
No Place Like Home  Buffy has her first run-in with Glory & discovers the truth about DawnEp083(5.5)
Family  Tara's family comes to town to take her home.Ep084(5.6)
Fool for Love  Buffy digs up past uglies with Spike.Ep085(5.7)
Shadow  Glory conjures a snake monster to seek the Key & Joyce's illness is diagnosed.Ep086(5.8)
Listening to Fear  An alien creature (Queller) stalks the lunatic fringe as Joyce awaits her operation.Ep087(5.9)
Into the Woods  Riley & Buffy break up.Ep088(5.10)
Triangle  Anya & Willow release a Troll & Buffy tries to get over Riley.Ep089(5.11)
Checkpoint  Watchers come to town to test Buffy & Glory tracks Buffy down.Ep090(5.12)
Blood Ties  Dawn learns that she is the key.Ep091(5.13)
Crush  Spike's secret love for Buffy slips out; Drusilla comes to town.Ep092(5.14)
I Was Made to Love You  An abandoned robot girl (April) searches for her creator (Warren).Ep093(5.15)
The Body  Dealing with Joyce's death.Ep094(5.16)
Forever  Dawn tries to bring Joyce back from the dead.Ep095(5.17)
Intervention  After witnessing BuffyBot's preferencial treatment of Spike, Glory's minions deliver him to her as a potential key.Ep096(5.18)
Tough Love  Glory thinks Tara is the Key.Ep097(5.19)
Spiral  The gang flees Glory in an RV & endures a seige in an abandonned gas station.Ep098(5.20)
The Weight of the World  Willow wanders around in Buffy's subconscious.Ep099(5.21)
The Gift  Glory is defeated.Ep100(5.22)


Bargaining (Part 1)  Willow, Xander, Anya & Tara secretly prepare and perform a ritual to bring Buffy back from the dead.Ep101(6.1)
Bargaining (Part 2)  Buffy emerges from her grave, wanders, shell-shocked, around biker-demon-infested Sunnydale and finally returns to Glory's tower.Ep102(6.2)
After Life  The demon Willow's spell created haunts the gang; meanwhile Buffy tries to adjust to being alive again.Ep103(6.3)
Flooded  Buffy finds herself on the brink of bankrupcy; meanwhile, Giles returns and a new trio of 'super villains' arrives on the scene.Ep104(6.4)
Life Serial  The Trio (Warren, Jonathan & Andrew) subject Buffy to various tests as she sequentially tries out school, construction-work, retail & drinking-with-lowlifes as potential life-style options.Ep105(6.5)
All the Way  Another Halloween in Sunnydale: Xander & Anya announce their engagement, Dawn sneaks off on a double date, Tara & Willow argue about Willow's overuse of magic.Ep106(6.6)
Once More, with Feeling  A jazzy demon causes everyone in Sunnydale to reveal their secret thoughts & feelings in song.Ep107(6.7)
Tabula Rasa  Despite her promise to Tara not to use any magic for a week, Willow casts a spell which backfires and causes the entire Scooby gang to forget who they are.Ep108(6.8)
Smashed  Willow transforms the Amy-rat back into Amy & Spike suspects something is wrong with his chip.Ep109(6.9)
Wrecked  Buffy's struggles with morning-after issues while Willow trips out on hallucinogenic magic and endangers Dawn.Ep110(6.10)
Gone  The Trio accidently renders Buffy invisible & Willow tries to help without falling off the no-magic wagon.Ep111(6.11)
Doublemeat Palace  Buffy gets a job in the fast-paced Fast Food Industry.Ep112(6.12)
Dead Things  Buffy thinks she accidently killed a girl.Ep113(6.13)
Older and Far Away  Buffy's birthday bash goes into overtime after Dawn accidently makes a wish to a vengeance demon.Ep114(6.14)
As You Were  Riley returns to Sunnydale.Ep115(6.15)
Hell's Bells  Xander & Anya's wedding train gets derailed.Ep116(6.16)
Normal Again  A demon's venom makes Buffy think she's in an insane asylum inventing her life as the Slayer.Ep117(6.17)
Entropy  Re-demonized Anya returns to Sunnydale, intent on using the power of the Wish on Xander.Ep118(6.18)
Seeing Red  Warren becomes (temporarily) invincible.Ep119(6.19)
Villains  Willow pursues Warren.Ep120(6.20)
Two to Go  Willow pursues Jonathan & Andrew.Ep121(6.21)
Grave  Willow tries to destroy the world.Ep122(6.22)


Lessons  Dawn's first day of high school on the hellmouth.Ep123(7.1)
Beneath You  Spike helps track a Tremors-like Slugoff demon.Ep124(7.2)
Same Time, Same Place  Willow returns to Sunnydale & meets Gnarl, the skin-eating demon.Ep125(7.3)
Help  Buffy's tries to help a student (Cassie) who predicts her own death during a counseling session.Ep126(7.4)
Selfless  Anya deals with her Vengeance Demon Issues.Ep127(7.5)
Him  Dawn falls hard for a Sunnydale High Quarterback.Ep128(7.6)
Conversations With Dead People  our heroes converse. with dead people.Ep129(7.7)
Sleeper  Spike may be killing again.Ep130(7.8)
Never Leave Me  Spike and Andrew are interrogated at Buffy's house.Ep131(7.9)
Bring on the Night  Buffy and Spike each individually go a round with the UberVamp.Ep132(7.10)
Showtime  Buffy goes up against the UberVamp.Ep133(7.11)
Potential  Buffy & Spike train the potentials while Dawn wrestles with identity issues.Ep134(7.12)
The Killer In Me  After a date with Kennedy, Willow finds herself looking like Warren.Ep135(7.13)
First Date  Buffy goes to dinner with Principal Wood; meanwhile Xander has coffee with a new woman.Ep136(7.14)
Get It Done  Buffy meets the Shadow Men and learns more about the Slayer Origins.Ep137(7.15)
Storyteller  Andrew uses a video camera to document one day of life at command central.Ep138(7.16)
Lies My Parents Told Me  Giles spearheads an effort to deal with Spike's brainwashing with help from Principal Wood.Ep139(7.17)
Dirty Girls  Faith returns to Sunnydale; meanwhile, a new servant of the First, Caleb challenges Buffy.Ep140(7.18)
Empty Places  Buffy's leadership is questioned.Ep141(7.19)
Touched  Faith takes over Operation Oppose the First.Ep142(7.20)
End of Days  Buffy acquires and investigates a shiny new weapon.Ep143(7.21)
Chosen  Buffy defeats the First.Ep144(7.22)

Angel the Series Episodes


City Of  Angel commences his LA mission to help the helpless.Ep001(1.1)
Lonely Hearts  A body-hopping demon stalks the LA single scene.Ep002(1.2)
In the Dark  Spike comes to LA seeking the Gem of Amara.Ep003(1.3)
I Fall to Pieces  Angel's new client is being stalked by a creepy doctor.Ep004(1.4)
Rm w/a Vu  Cordelia gets a new apartment.Ep005(1.5)
Sense and Sensitivity  The LAPD become acquainted with their deepest sensitivities thanks to a little black magic.Ep006(1.6)
The Bachelor Party  Doyle's estranged wife turns up seeking a divorce to enable her to re-marry.Ep007(1.7)
I Will Remember You  Angel becomes human & spends a day with Buffy.Ep008(1.8)
Hero  Nazi Demons (the Scourge) menace harmless Lister Demons.Ep009(1.9)
Parting Gifts  Wesley appears on the trail of a demon who?s stealing others? powers.Ep010(1.10)
Somnambulist  Kate investigates a serial killer who turns out to be a vampire Angelus sired.Ep011(1.11)
Expecting  Cordelia undergoes her first demonic pregnancy.Ep012(1.12)
She  Opressed Demon Women seek refuge in L.A. from the males of their species.Ep013(1.13)
I've Got You Under My Skin  Angel investigates a possession.Ep014(1.14)
The Prodigal  Angel discovers Kate's father is mixed up in something shady, unearthing memories of his own father.Ep015(1.15)
The Ring  Angel endures slavery as a demon gladiator.Ep016(1.16)
Eternity  Angel encounters a celebrity who wants some very interesting things from him.Ep017(1.17)
Five by Five  Faith comes to LA; W&H hire her to kill Angel.Ep018(1.18)
Sanctuary  Buffy, the Watchers' Council, W&H's assasin & Kate interrupt Angel's attempts to rehabilitate Faith.Ep019(1.19)
War Zone  While on a blackmail case, Angel stumbles across a gang of street kids (led by Gunn)fighting a gang of vampires.Ep020(1.20)
Blind Date  Lindsey gets Angel to help stop Wolfram & Hart's plan to kill three blind, yet very gifted children.Ep021(1.21)
To Shanshu in L.A.  Amgel must retrieve the Scroll of Aberjian to break a spell that leaves Cordy locked in a vision-overload coma.Ep022(1.22)


Judgement  Angel becomes a pregnant woman's champion.Ep023(2.1)
Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been?  Angel returns to the Hyperion Hotel to solve a mystery he walked away from in 1952.Ep024(2.2)
First Impressions  Gunn is tracking down the demon Deevak and Angel's car is stolen while under Cordelia's care. Ep025(2.3)
Untouched  Angel deals with a telekenetic girl recruited by Lilah as a possible asset for WR&H.Ep026(2.4)
Dear Boy  Angel confronts the revivified Darla.Ep027(2.5)
Guise Will Be Guise  Angel visits a swami; meanwhile, Wes impersonates Angel on the job.Ep028(2.6)
Darla  Darla starts to feel the weight of her new soul.Ep029(2.7)
The Shroud of Rahmon  Angel & Gunn participate in the heist of a shroud that makes everyone wacky.Ep030(2.8)
The Trial  Angel learns that Darla is dying, and tries to give Darla the choice/chance to live he feels she never had.Ep031(2.9)
Reunion  Darla rises and Angel goes dark.Ep032(2.10)
Redefinition  Angel pursues Darla & Dru. Cordy, Wes & Gunn cope with unemployment.Ep033(2.11)
Blood Money  Wolfram & Hart are scamming a charity and Angel spoils their evil scheme.Ep034(2.12)
Happy Anniversary  Angel and Lorne race to prevent a world-freezing time disruption; Cordy, Wes & Gunn start their own agency.Ep035(2.13)
The Thin Dead Line  The gang fights zombie copsEp036(2.14)
Reprise  Angel fails against Wolfram & Hart, sleeps with Darla.Ep037(2.15)
Epiphany  Angel bounces back after hitting rock-bottom.Ep038(2.16)
Disharmony  Harmony pays Cordelia a visit; meanwhile, Angel adjusts to being an employee at A.I.Ep039(2.17)
Dead End  Lindsey leaves Wolfram & Hart.Ep040(2.18)
Belonging  Angel & co pursues a Drokken with the aid of Lorne's cousin Landok.Ep041(2.19)
Over the Rainbow  Angel, Wesley & Gunn follow Cordelia to Pylea.Ep042(2.20)
Through The Looking Glass  Still in Plyea, Cordelia meets the Groosalug, Angel meets Fred and Wes & Gunn meet some unfriendly rebel humans.Ep043(2.21)
There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb  The gang is reunited, overthrows Pylean High Priest Silas, and goes home.Ep044(2.22)


Heartthrob  Angel stakes one half of a vampire couple from his past, causing her mate to seek vengeance.Ep045(3.1)
That Vision Thing  Cordy's visions become debilitating when Lilah hijacks her line to the PTB.Ep046(3.2)
That Old Gang of Mine  Gunn's loyalties are tested when his old gang starts indiscriminantly killing demons, culminating with a raid on Caritas.Ep047(3.3)
Carpe Noctem  Angel's body is stolen by a hedonistic old man, leaving him trapped in a nursing home.Ep048(3.4)
Fredless  Fred's parents come looking for her.Ep049(3.5)
Billy  A.I. tracks a boy who turns men into misogynic murderers with his touch.Ep050(3.6)
Offspring  Darla returns to inform Angel she's pregnant with their child.Ep051(3.7)
Quickening  A vampire cult crashes Darla's ultrasound; meanwhile W&H learn of the pregnancy & Holtz prepares his first assault.Ep052(3.8)
Lullaby  Darla gives birth.Ep053(3.9)
Dad  Angel deals with being a new father.Ep054(3.10)
Birthday  Cordelia's visions knock her into a coma on her birthday.Ep055(3.11)
Provider  Angel becomes obsessed with making a lot of cash quick to fund baby Connor's future.Ep056(3.12)
Waiting in the Wings  Angel takes the gang to the Ballet.Ep057(3.13)
Couplet  Angel grapples with Groosalug-jealousy.Ep058(3.14)
Loyalty  Wesley tries to discover if the prophecy that Angel will kill his son is true.Ep059(3.15)
Sleep Tight  Wesley decides he must kidnap Connor to save him from Angel.Ep060(3.16)
Forgiving  Angel tries to get his son back by any means necessary.Ep061(3.17)
Double or Nothing  While Angel grieves for Connor Gunn must deal with the consequencs of selling his soul 7 years previously. Ep062(3.18)
The Price  Moisture-seeking demon slugs infest the Hyperion.Ep063(3.19)
A New World  Connor's first day back in L.A.Ep064(3.20)
Benediction  Angel & Connor start to get to know each other; meanwhile, Holtz has a plan.Ep065(3.21)
Tomorrow  Connor puts his plan into effect; meanwhile, Cordelia has life issues of her own.Ep066(3.22)


Deep Down  Wes rescues Angel from his watery grave.Ep067(4.1)
Ground State  While trying to find the missing Cordelia, Angel meets Gwen, master theif and electro girl.Ep068(4.2)
The House Always Wins  Angel & crew take a quick trip to Vegas to visit Lorne.Ep069(4.3)
Slouching Toward Bethlehem  Cordelia's back, but she has amnesia.Ep070(4.4)
Supersymmetry  Fred finds out how she ended up a slave in Pylea.Ep071(4.5)
Spin The Bottle  A spell to get Cordy's memory back causes the whole gang to revert to their teenage personalities.Ep072(4.6)
Apocalypse Nowish  The Beast comes to L.A.Ep073(4.7)
Habeas Corpses  the Beast attacks the law offices of Wolfram & HartEp074(4.8)
Long Day's Journey  Gwen helps A.I. try to stop the Beast from performing a spell to blot out the sun.Ep075(4.9)
Awakening  Wes has a plan to bring out Angelus.Ep076(4.10)
Soulless  Angelus, caged, engages in psychological warefare.Ep077(4.11)
Calvary  While the gang panics about the theft of Angel's soul, Angelus gets loose.Ep078(4.12)
Salvage  Wesley seeks Faith's help with Angelus and the Beast.Ep079(4.13)
Release  Faith persues Angelus; meanwhile the Beast's master attempts to recruit him.Ep080(4.14)
Orpheus  Faith & Angelus go on a dream journey through Angel's past.Ep081(4.15)
Players  Gwen recruits Gunn for a special mission.Ep082(4.16)
Inside Out  Angel seeks Skip, Connor has a vision of Darla & Cordelia induces labor.Ep083(4.17)
Shiny Happy People  Everyone worships Jasmine Ep084(4.18)
Magic Bullet  Fred flees the Jasmaniacs Ep085(4.19)
Sacrifice  Angel & co flee through the sewers Ep086(4.20)
Peace Out  Jasmine is defeated.Ep087(4.21)
Home  Lilah makes Angel an offer he can't refuse. Ep088(4.22)


Conviction  a W&H client threatens to destroy California if he's convicted of his crimes by a court.Ep089(5.1)
Just Rewards  Angel is haunted. By Spike.Ep090(5.2)
Unleashed  Angel & co try to help a newly infected werewolf.Ep091(5.3)
Hellbound  Spike is haunted.Ep092(5.4)
Life of the Party  Angel & co throw a Halloween Party at W&H HQEp093(5.5)
The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco  Angel faces an Aztek demon with some help from masked Mexican wrestler Numero Cinco.Ep094(5.6)
Lineage  Wesley's father comes to visit. Sort of.Ep095(5.7)
Destiny  Spike & Angel compete for the title of "Vampire with Soul" of Shanshu fame.Ep096(5.8)
Harm's Way  Harmony has a rough couple of days at work.Ep097(5.9)
Soul Purpose  Angel is plagued by fever dreams; meanwhile Lindsey offers Spike the chance to be a hero.Ep098(5.10)
Damage  A preternaturally powerful young woman escapes from a mental institution.Ep099(5.11)
You're Welcome  Cordelia awakens from her coma; meanwhile, Lindsey kicks his plan into high gear.Ep100(5.12)
Why We Fight  A submarine officer Angel crossed paths with during WWII comes visiting at W&H.Ep101(5.13)
Smile Time  Angel is transformed into a puppet. Ep102(5.14)
A Hole in the World  When Fred becomes gravely ill, the team goes into overdrive to save her.Ep103(5.15)
Shells  Illyria prepares to unleash her Army of Doom.Ep104(5.16)
Underneath  Eve pursuades Angel & co to attempt Lindsey's rescue.Ep105(5.17)
Origin  Connor returns. Meanwhile Wes suspects Angel.Ep106(5.18)
Timebomb  Illyria begins to get unglued in time.Ep107(5.19)
The Girl In Question  Spike & Angel travel to Italy.Ep108(5.20)
Power Play  The gang begins to suspect Angel is on a dangerous power trip.Ep109(5.21)
Not Fade Away  Angel & co go after the Black Thorn.Ep110(5.22)

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