Taking down a 10 foot foundation planting

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Taking down a 10 foot foundation planting

Clearly, it was too big, and too close to the garage and adjacent path (1 foot from each!) But how to get it out with the least amount of fuss and expense? The neighbor said to hire someone, and the internet told me that trying to take down a tree yourself as a newbie was a dangerous thing to do. But was this really a tree? 8-10 feet, one main trunk, but fairly bushy... I decided to cautiously give it a try. If it didn't require a ladder, than I figured I was on good ground.

First I took my trusty loppers and started trimming off bits and snips from the top half. It was easy, and before I knew it, I had denuded it. Then I took a $10 bow saw from Home Depot and sawed the bare trunk off just above the spot where the bottom half bushed out. By then the brief February afternoon had elapsed, so I decided to take a break and wait for the next nice Saturday I had time to continue.

Which was in April. Same drill. Again, no problems. And what a revelation to come out of the garage door, turn to head for the house and not be knocked in the face with a giant bush. At first I felt a little guilty about taking out a healthy plant that had obviously been there for quite some time. But the improvement was so great (made room for my new trellis) that I don't regret a thing now.

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