Crocus Sibieri Tricolor

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Crocus Sieberi Tricolor

And the award for first bulb blooming in my backyard this spring goes to... wild crocus!

I picked 18 of these tiny bulbs up in the fall of 2015. The first year (first 2 pictures above) they were lovely, but only 5 flowers.

Their second spring came in mid March of 2017, this time with 10 blooms. They started opening on Monday, right after I left for work for the day, and then closed again by the time I got home. I rather suspected I was going to miss them entirely, but they were still going strong on Saturday and Sunday, which is when the middle row of pictures were taken. Then the next day, we got a big snow storm and they sat under 6 inches of snow until the following Sunday, when it finally melted off. At first they were all flattened and sorry looking, bottom left, but with a few hours of sunshine, they perked up, bottom right. By the next day they were gone. Until we meet again, next year!

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