Fairy Rag Dolls

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Meet Marina and Violet, two little rag dolls with wings. Make your own little flower fairy friends out of odds and ends from your sewing stash.


Muslin or other flesh-toned fabric
Light-weight fabric scraps for clothes, wings & hair
Small amount of appliqu paper and iron-on interfacing
Permanent markers or craft paint for facial features
Felt scraps, embroidery floss, beads, sequins, etc for decoration
Fiberfill or batting scraps


Download Pattern Sheet 1

Cut one head piece out of muslin to be the face. Trace hair shape onto appliqu paper and apply to hair fabric scrap following the manufacturer's instructions. Cut the hair out, and iron to the face. Top stitch (optional). Trace facial features onto the face with pencil and use markers or paint to make permanent.

Use felt scraps, beads and embroidery floss to decorate the hair.

Download Pattern Sheet 2

Trace the ear shape onto iron-on interfacing twice, in mirror images, and fuse to muslin scraps. Cut ears out, leaving シ inch seam allowance. Cut 2 more ears out of muslin scraps. Draw/paint ear designs on the second two ear pieces if desired.

Stack the ears muslin to muslin. Sew around the outside of the ears only, trim & notch, then turn inside out. Iron and/or top-stitch.

With the face piece face up, put the ears in position, raw edges against the edge of the face. Cut out another head piece out of hair fabric for the back of the head. Place it, right side down, on top of the face/ears. Pin & sew around the edges. Turn inside out. Stuff.

Cut circle(s) out of hair fabric and gather the edges, or braid scrap fabric to create buns, ponytails or other hair-styles. Whip stitch in place with small stitches.

Cut out and iron down the edges of the chest/back muslin pieces. Cut out the shoulder straps out of dress fabric. Align folded edges together and sew straps to either side. Leave the gap at the neck (shown in pink on the diagram) open.

Cut out and attach dress front and back to either side of the assembly.

Embroider/decorate bodice as desired.

Download Pattern Sheet 3

Cut out 2 leg pieces and 2 arm pieces from muslin. Sew around edges, turn inside out, and stuff.

Download Pattern Sheet 4

Cut out one of each wing piece from fuseable interfacing using no seam allowance.

Trace 2 of each wing piece onto fabric, with 1/4" seam allowance. If desired, trace decorative pattern as well and use marker/paint to fill in. Cut the wings out and iron interfacing wing pieces onto one of each type.

Sew around all but one long edge of each piece, turn inside out and fold/iron raw edges inwards. Top stitch.

Attach the wings to center back by sewing down the center. Tack arms and legs in place. Note that the diagram shows only 1 arm and 1 leg for clarity, but both need to be put in place. They will cross each other during this stage.

The next step will be to attach the side pieces to the bodice. The bodice unit will need to curve around the side piece. On the diagram below, points A, B and C will be matched.

To accomplish this: Cut out body side pieces from dress fabric. Pin body side pieces in place, right sides together, catching raw edges of arms and legs as you go. Arms, legs and wings will be all bundled up and contained inside. Sew side seams.

Turn inside out, stuff and hand stitch bottom edged closed.

Create a ruffle from a folded strip of fabric with gathering stitches, or use eyelet lace or other decorative edging. Attach to the bottom of the skirt. Hand stitch skirt in place. Use folded fabric or ribbon to create a belt. Hand stitch that in place over the skirt seam, and if desired put a decorative button, felt flower or other decoration over the spot where the belt ends join.

Ruffle 2 short strips of hemmed fabric or use eyelet lace for short sleeves. Hand sew in place above arms.

Roll up a piece of batting or muslin to create a cylinder about 3" long and ス" diameter. Stuff half of it down through the neckhole and lower the head down on top of the other half. Hand sew the edge of the head to the neck opening edges.

All the information above, including the 4 pattern sheets as well as the text, images and diagrams have been collected into a single PDF that you can download to save and print. A small convenience charge applies.

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