DIY Basket Planter

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DIY Basket Planter

Turn any basket into a comfy home for your favorite plants. Check your local thrift or dollar store if you don't have an old basket around the house just waiting to be put to use.


  • A basket, at least 5" deep for most plants
  • A plastic grocery or other bag the right size for your basket.
  • A yarn needle or bit of wire
  • Some crochet cotton, kitchen twine, dental floss, etc.
  • Soil & plants


Line the basket with the plastic bag, folding the edges down inside to create an even line around the top rim. DIY Basket Planter

Cut a piece of string about 2 times the circumference of the basket. Thread the yarn needle or fold the wire around the string and twist to form a make-shift needle. Start poking holes through the plastic and weaving between the basket material, working your way around the rim. DIY Basket Planter

If your basket is big, you may want to do a second row a bit under the first for reinforcement.

Cut some holes in the bottom of the plastic bag for drainage.

Fill with soil and plants. You may also want to install a water resevoir.

Your basket should last a season or two outside, or indefinitely inside.

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