Paper Airplane Kite

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Paper Airplane Kite

A simple folded paper plane with a bit of string becomes a small kite for little hands. Fold it up and keep it in your diaper bag and you'll be ready for the breeze whenever it picks up.

First download the printable kite pattern and print it out.

Cut out the square portion at the top of the sheet:

Paper Airplane Kite

Fold the square in half along the center diagonal line, marked in red on the diagram above. Fold so that the blank side of the paper is inside, and the printed side is visible.

Now fold along the lines marked in purple on the diagram above. Fold these in the opposite direction, accordian style.

Finally fold along the lines marked in yellow, again reversing directions.

The view from the back side:

Paper Airplane Kite

Use a paper punch of scissors to make holes at the points marked in blue on the diagram above.

Tie either end of a piece of sturdy thread, dental floss or other light string to the two holes across the wings to make the bridle. Fold the string in half and carefully tie a loop in the exact center.

Paper Airplane Kite

Next, make the tail from the bottom portion of the sheet.

Paper Airplane Kite

Cut along each line in the direction of the triangle marker, stopping just before you get to the edge of the paper. The next line will start at the opposite edge of the paper, also stopping just before the end.

Make a hole in one end of the tail and tie it to the single hole at the bottom of the kite.

Cut out a piece of scrap cardboard and wrap your kite string around it. 15-25 feet should be sufficient for a small child. Attach the free end to the bridle loop.

The completed kite:

Paper Airplane Kite


Devil Kites (in Turkish)

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