3 Hens in a Basket

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3 Hens in a Basket

3 little fleece hens snuggle in a nest. For decoration or for play, or both!

Download the free pattern.

Cut the body pieces and wings out of white fleece, the beak and feet out of orange felt and the waddle and crest out of red felt. Amounts listed on pattern are for 1 hen, so cut 3x as much if making 3 hens as shown above.

On one of the body pieces: sew beads, buttons or sequins to the face for eyes, and attach the beak along the line shown on the pattern. Attach the two red tear drop shapes on either side of the beak.

3 Hens in a Basket

Place the red crest upside down at the top of the head, lining up its bottom edge with the raw edge of body piece. Put the two feet, also upside down, along the bottom edges.

3 Hens in a Basket

Place the other body piece face down on top and pin around the edges, being sure to catch the feet.

Sew all around, leaving a gap between the feet open.

Turn inside out, stuff, whip stitch closed.

Whip stitch wings in place, matching dots.

Crochet, knit, or sew hats, shawls, ear-muffs, etc.

3 Hens in a Basket

For the nest, use appropriately colored yarn of whatever weight you have handy and any crochet hook you'd like.

Make a single chain stitch, then put 8 hdcs in the chain. Continue going in a circle, putting multiple stitches in a single stitch from the previous row as needed to keep the disc you are creating flat.

Once it's large enough to accommodate the chickens, keep going round, but stop increasing. This will cause the sides of the nest to start going straight up. Once you have an inch or so of height, finish with a scallop.

To scallop, put 6 dcs in one stitch from the previous row. Anchor the end with a slip stitch in the space 2 stitches over, then start another set of 6dcs in a stitch 2 further spaces down the line. Continue to work your way around.

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