Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

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Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Girly dresses and animal ears, a winning combination in small rag dolls. At 10" tall, this sweet pair is the perfect gift for the small child who needs one for each little hand. If this is your first foray into rag dolls, you may want to enlarge the pattern a bit to make the sewing (and turning) easier, or try the slightly larger fairy dolls version of this pattern.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty


Solid-colored cotton fabric in appropriate colors
Light-weight fabric scraps for clothes & hair
Small amount of appliqu paper and iron-in interfacing
Permanent markers or craft paint for facial features
Bells, ribbons, lace, etc for decoration
Fiberfill or batting scraps

Pattern Pages

Download and print the following pdf pattern pages:

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

Note that the cutting instructions apply to the number of piece to be cut for EACH doll. For example, you will need to cut 4 leg pieces of the cat skin color to make 2 legs for the cat, and 4 more pieces of the mouse skin color to make 2 more legs for her.



Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Cut one head piece out of solid-colored cotton to be the face. Trace hair shape onto appliqu paper and apply to hair fabric scap following the manufacturer's instructions. Cut the hair out, and attach to the face. Trace facial features onto the face with pencil and use markers or paint to make permanent.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Trace the inner-line on the ear pattern pieces onto iron-in interfacing, being sure you have mirror images.

Cut out 2 each of the mirror-image left and right pattern pieces, for a total of 4 pieces.

Fuse interfacing ears to center of one left and one right ear piece.

Place the remaining ears on the fabric-side of the interfaced ears. Sew around the outside of the ears only, close to the interfacing. Trim & notch, then turn inside out.

Iron and/or top-stitch. Make a pleat in the center of the mouse ears so that the base is about 3/4" wide. Add a hand stitch or two to keep them folded.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

With the face piece face up, put the ears in position, raw edges against the edge of the face. Cut out another head piece out of hair fabric for the back of the head. Place it, right side down, on top of the face/ears. Pin & sew around the edges. Turn inside out. Stuff.


Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Cut out the chest/back solid-colored cotton pieces. Sew together, leaving a gap at the middle for the neck. Press.

Cut out and attach dress front and back to either side of the assembly. It should look like this:

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Cut out 2 leg pieces and 2 arm pieces from solid-colored cotton. Sew around edges, turn inside out, and stuff.

Cut out the tail piece from solid-colored cotton. Fold over and top stitch to form a strap-like tail.

Cut out body side pieces from dress fabric.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Baste arms and legs in place. From the reverse side, it will look like this:

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Pin a body side pieces in place, catching raw edges of arms:

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Sew across the shoulder and down one side of the side-body piece.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Start back up at the shoulder again and complete the side-body piece attachment.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Repeat on the other side of the body.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Turn inside out, stuff.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Hand stitch bottom edged closed. Hand stitch the tail in place.


Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Roll up a piece of batting or muslin to create a cylinder about 2" long and ス" diameter. Stuff half of it down through the neckhole and lower the head down on top of the other half.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Hand sew the edge of the head to the neck opening edges.

Cut out skirt pieces and sew them together into a cone shape. Finish edges.

Optional: Create a ruffle from a folded strip of fabric with gathering stitches, or use eyelet lace or other decorative edging. Attach to the bottom of the skirt.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Hand stitch skirt in place.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

Fold raw edge under and tack in place.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the neck, thread on a bell and then tie again. If the doll is for a very small child, make a few hand stitches to make absolutely sure the bell cannot come off.

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

If desired, sew a little loop of elastic onto one of the dolls' hands so that the two dolls can "hold hands".

More Ideas

Once you've got the basic idea, you should be able to make up your own versions of different animals. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty

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