Baton Banners

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Baton Banners

Spice up a walk with your little one on a breezy day with a miniature banner attached to a short stick. Also makes a good substitute for a kite for a very young child. Baton Banners

Download the printable pages:

Buttefly Banner: page 1, page 2

Airplane Banner: page 1, page 2

For a short banner suitable for a very small child, you only need the first page. The second page adds length and also a spinning (but fragile) tail. Print out your desired sheets and cut out the parts.

Glue the shorter segments to the back of the longer segments to create a double-sized banner: Baton Banners

You can choose to join the segments by taping or gluing: Baton Banners

Or you can join the segments by punching holes in adjacent ends and tying them together with thread. Baton Banners

You can also mix and match, gluing the first few segments together and finishing up with one or more tied segments. The tied segments twirl nicely in the breeze, but are more fragile.

Cut out the spiral tail and attach to the end with thread. Baton Banners

You can tie a simple knot, or for free spinning motion, punch a hole in the banner and pass the thread from the tail through it. Secure the thread to a small piece of paper larger than the punched hole with tape. Baton Banners

Attach the head of the banner with thread (for spinning) or tape (for a more stable connection) to the top of a straw, popsicle stick, twig, chopstick, etc.

Baton Banners

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