Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar

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Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar

Did you have plans for to buy or make a really neat Advent Calender, but here it is December 1st and... oops? Just print this calendar and from now to Christmas, all you have to do is cut out a marker each night from the second printable sheet and glue or tape it to the appropriate spot. Fun, easy and cheap!

Download: Christmas Countdown/Advent Calendar

Download: 24 Clipart date markers

The calendar can be printed on card stock or on regular paper. If printing on regular paper, you will probably want to glue it to something heavier, like cereal-box cardboard or a manilla folder. Hang with ribbon or glue magnets to the back.

Cut out the marker pieces all at once to have them standing by ready, or just cut out one a night as you go along. Affix with glue or tape to the appropriate spot.

If you'd like to note other events on the calendar (parties, grandparents' flight arrivals, etc) here's how the countdown numbers translate to dates:

24 - Dec 01
23 - Dec 02
22 - Dec 03
21 - Dec 04
20 - Dec 05
19 - Dec 06
18 - Dec 07
17 - Dec 08
16 - Dec 09
15 - Dec 10
14 - Dec 11
13 - Dec 12
12 - Dec 13
11 - Dec 14
10 - Dec 15
9 - Dec 16
8 - Dec 17
7 - Dec 18
6 - Dec 19
5 - Dec 20
4 - Dec 21
3 - Dec 22
2 - Dec 23
1 - Dec 24

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