Weight Equivalents

Using a kitchen scale is essential for consistently getting the correct amount of flour and chopped ingredients into your recipe, and is also useful for adding other ingredients without the need to dirty additional measuring cups and spoons. Converting to weight measurements also helps you be aware of ratios when cooking, allowing you to improvise with more confidence. Recipes on this site make frequent use of measurements from a digital scale. If you don't have one, the following information will help you make approximations.

Flour1 cup is usually 5oz (140g) though it varies considerably depending on how the flour was measured and ambient humidity
Sugar 12g=1 tablespoon. 48g=1/4 cup. 96g=1/2 a cup. 192g=1cup.
Water/milk/stock 14g=1 tablespoon. 56g= シ cup. 112g=1/2 cup. 224g=1 cup.
Butter 14g=1 tablespoon. 56g= シ cup. 112g=1/2 cup. 224g=1 cup
Oil 16g=1 tablespoon. 64g=1/4 cup. 128g=1/2 cup.
Cornstarch 8g=1 tablespoon. 32g=1/4 cup. 64g=1/2 a cup.
Yeast 3g=1 teaspoon. 7g=1 envelope. 9g=1 tablespoon.
Salt 6g= 1 teaspoon of table salt. 5g= 1 teaspoon of coarse kosher salt.


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