Fingerless Toddler/Child Gloves

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Fingerless Toddler/Child Gloves

Adding a little bit of warmth without sacrificing dexterity, these fingerless gloves may be just the thing for little kids who won't wear gloves or mittens. And they can be made small enough to actually fit young toddlers, something that can be hard to find in stores. Each glove can be worn on either hand. Use smaller needles than usual for a nice tight, cold-busting fabric.

Instructions are provided for working in the round with dpns as well as for working flat and then sewing up the seam. And if you would prefer enclosed fingers, instructions for a mitten modification are also included.


18mo-2T (3T-5T)
Gauge: 4" square: 24 stitches by 32 rows
Yarn: Red Heart Soft, 100% acrylic, worsted weight or similar
Needles: Size 3 dpns
Each set requires around 24g (28g) of yarn.

Kfb: knit one stitch in the front loop and one in the back loop to increase.


Each glove is worked from the cuff up. The glove starts straight, then there are some increases to shape for the thumb. The edge of the thumbhole is bound off, and the rest of the glove (covering the base of the fingers) is added by knitting around the remaining stitches.

Fingerless Toddler/Child Gloves


Cast on 24 (28) stitches on dpns. Join in a circle, being careful not to twist, and knit 2x2 rib (k2,p2) for 2" (2.5") -- about 16 (20) rows.


Row 1: knit across
Row 2: Kfb, Kfb, place marker, knit across rest of row.
Row 3,4,5: Kfb, knit up to last stitch before marker, Kfb in the last stitch before the marker, then knit across the rest of the row.
Row 6: Omit this row for smaller size. (Same as rows 3,4,5 for larger size.)
Row 7: Bind of first 10 (12) stitches of the row, then continue knitting across the rest of the row.


The diagram below shows the top view, with A and B representing either end of the bound off section.

Fingerless Toddler/Child Gloves

Skip the bound off stitches and start knitting around the remaining live stitches. Work ス" (3/4") -- about 4 (6) rows -- and then switch to seed stitch for 3 more rows. Bind off in pattern.


If you would like to work flat on straight needles rather than dpns, cast on and work cuff as described above, but work back and forth rather than joining.

To shape for the thumb, knit 11(13), place marker, kfb,kfb, place marker, and knit across the rest of the row. Turn and start purling back. Pfb in the first stitch after the marker, purl to the second marker and pfb in the stitch just before it. Continue purling across the row. Turn and knit, again increasing in the first stitch after the marker and in the last one before the marker. Purl back likewise increasing between markers. If you are making the larger size, knit one more increase row and then purl back. You should have 10 (12) stitches between the markers.

Knit across to the first marker, then bind off stitches until you get to the marker and resume knitting. Purl back, folding the bound off portion and sliding the live stitches together so that you continue to purl the remaining stitches. Work back and forth in stockinette, otherwise following the directions above for fingers. Leave a long tail after you bind off and use it to sew up the side of the glove. Fingerless Toddler/Child Gloves


Requires about 29g (34g) yarn for a pair. Work as above, but instead of binding off thumb (row 7) put those stitches on a stitch-holder. Continue knitting the remaining stitches in a circle, but go a full 1 (1.75) inches - about 8 (12) rows. Then decrease as follows:

ROW 1: k3 (k5) stitches, then [k2tog, k3] across row. Knit extra stitches.
ROW 2: knit all stitches
ROW 3: [k2, k2tog] across row. Knit extra stitches.
ROW 4: knit all stitches
ROW 5: [k1,k2tog] across row. Knit extra stitches.

Break off, leaving a long tail. Use a yarn needle to thread tail through the remaining live stitches and pull tightly. Weave in extra end.

Return saved thumb stitches to a single needle. Work back and forth, knitting on the outside and purling on the inside for セ" (1") - about 6 (8) rows. Work one more row, k2tog all the way across, then break off, leaving a long tail. Use a yarn needle to thread the tail through the live stitches and pull tight. Then sew closed the side of the thumb and weave in the extra end. NOTE: You can work the thumb around with 4 dpns, but at this small size it requires some patience. Working flat and then sewing closed is easier.


Work fingerless gloves in black yarn. Print & attach this label: Fingerless Toddler/Child Gloves

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