Knit Toddler Bonnet

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Knit Toddler Bonnet

If itchy yarn on the forehead is a deal-breaker for a little hat-wearer you know, try this bonnet-style knit hat instead.


Gauge: 18st/28 rows for a 4"x4" square on size 7 needles

Yarn: 53g of Carron Simply Soft

Size: small (fits 3T and up)

Knit Toddler Bonnet

The hat is worked from the back of the neck up to the front edge. 2 seams along the sides shape the hat (joining points A and points B), and then a band is picked up along the front edge (from C, to A, to B, to D) framing the face.


Cast on 50 stitches. Work seed stitch for 4 rows.

Setup Row: K19, PM, K12, PM, K19. Turn work and purl back.

Row 1: knit across
Row 2: purl back

Continue repeating these two rows for a total of 36 rows, EXCEPT on rows 3, 7,11,15,19,23,27 (ie every 4th row, stopping after 7 increases) work an increase row as follows:

Increase Row: knit to marker, kfb in the stitch before the marker. Slip Marker. Kfb in the stitch after the marker. Knit to the next marker, kfb in the stitch before the marker. Slip Marker. KFB in the stitch after the marker.

After you have completed 7 increase rows, you will have 78 stitches on the needles.

On Row 37, bind off stitches up until the marker (26 stitches), then knit the 26 middle stitches and bind off the remaining 26 stitches after the second marker. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing.


Rejoin yarn (right side facing) to the right of the remaining active stitches, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Row 1: knit across
Row 2: purl back

Continue repeating these two rows for a total of 32 rows, EXCEPT on rows 7,15,23 (ie every 8th row, stopping after 3 decreases) work a decrease row as follows:

Decrease Row: K1, ssk, knit to the last 3 stitches of the row, k2tog, k1.

After you have completed 3 decrease rows, you should have 20 stitches on the needles.

On row 33, bind off.

Use a yarn needle to sew up the seams (matching the points marked A on the diagram to each other, and the same for B) and weave in ends.


Pick up stitches around the front edge of the hat (working around C-A-B-D as labelled on the diagram) and work a one inch border in seed stitch. Bind off, leaving a long tail. Use a crochet hook to knit that tail into a chain and secure back to the base to create a loop. Sew a button onto opposite side of the border. Weave in your ends.

Knit Toddler Bonnet

OPTION 1: Crochet Flower:

Setup: Chain 7, join with a slip stitch to first stitch. Chain 5, dc in ring. *Chain 2, dc in ring. Repeat from * 7 times. Chain 2, join to 3rd stitch of the beginning chain. This will give you 8 chain loops.

Outside petals: Ch 1, and then in each loop do: sc, 3dc, sc.

Inside petals: slip stitch around the post of one of the original 8 loops, chain 3. Continue around the flower, slip stitching in each post of the original 8 loops. Finish with a slip stitch back on the post where you started. This will give you 8 new loops, floating above the flower you have so far. Now work around the new loops. In each loop, work: slip stitch, hdc, dc, hdc, slip stitch.

Finish off and use a yarn needle to sew onto the hat.

OPTION 2: Cat Ears

Knit Toddler Bonnet

Cat Ears (optional): For each ear, pick up 16 stitches in two parallel 8-stitch rows about シ" apart. Use one dpn for each 8-stitch row. Work around, knitting each stitch, for 3 rows. Work 1 decrease row: * k1, ssk, knit to 3 stitches from front side of ear, k2tog, k1. Repeat from * for the back side of the ear. Work one row straight, then repeat decrease row until two stitches remain & bind off. Repeat for other ear.

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