Dwarf Morning Glory, Lobelia & Marigold

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Dwarf Morning Glory, Lobelia & Marigold

This year's early bird spring has me busily plotting and planning my annual container garden campaign, and thinking over campaigns past. One of my favorite arrangements involved a trio of seed-grown plants that turned out to be spectacular companions: dwarf morning glory, lobelia and marigold.

I started the lobelia indoors in late Febuary, the marigolds in late March and the dwarf morning glory in early April (Zone 5). This turned out to be a little early for the lobelia and a bit late for the dwarf morning glory in terms of getting their bloom seasons to sync up, but there was still a good amount of overlap. All three were easy to grow from seed.

I hardened them off and set them out in late May, tucking a few other plants in the pot along with them, including white alyssum, garlic chives, chamomile, agastache and one 'heavenly blue' morning glory vine for good measure.

This was my first time growing dwarf morning glory, and I assumed it was a trailing plant that I should place near the edges so it could spill over.

This turned out not to be the case. Those stems were determined to reach for the sky, even if they weren't quite strong enough to pull it off like their neighbors the marigolds. They were also stubbornly slow to bloom. I had assumed they would be as quick and lively as regular morning glories, but they didn't start taking off until late June, a month after the regular morning glories planted at the same time.

Meanwhile those lobelia were busy blooming their hearts out, which such a lovely intense blue. And finally they were joined by the marigolds and the dwarf morning glory, which turned out to be exactly the same shade of blue.

For a month or two, it was a really great show.

By late July I had to turn the pot a bit to bring out the marigolds, still going strong, and downplay the dwarf morning glories, not looking so hot.

By September, it was pretty much all over.

Which brings us to this year! This time, I'm going to try to seeding all three in the same container. I'm hoping that the proximity of the sturdy marigold stems will help prop those dwarf morning glories up, and hide their fading foliage when the show is over.

Wish me luck!

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Dwarf Morning Glory

- Victoria, 2012-03-25

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