Plant Consolidation

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Plant Consolodation

Taking advantage of my sentimental inability to resist plopping plant trimmings into water for rooting, a small crack team of potted plants have been conducting a clandestine attempt to take over my apartment. It all started 5 years ago, when I moved in and thought to myself, wow, what a perfect excuse to go plant shopping! Somehow, over the years, that smattering of 4" pots has turned into almost two dozen. All in teeny tiny pots constantly demanding to be watered. Because while I didn't actually have room for larger pots in baby-proof and light-filled locations, I always felt like I could squeeze in another 4" pot somewhere, and it just felt wrong stuffing all those lovely trimmings into the trash when they could be rooted so easily.

Well the baby has ripened to a stage where she (hopefully) can be trusted not to eat dirt or make abstract topiary if I put a large pot on the floor, so last weekend, I shook a thrift store until a largish metal tub fell out. Embossed vine design, two rings at either side, painted off-white but tastefully distressed. $1.50! I could almost feel P.Allen Smith nodding approvingly over my shoulder as I toted it to the car.

Plant Consolodation

At home, I put a couple of layers of white plastic bag in it and half filled it with potting soil. I then skipped merrily around the apartment grabbing plants, picturing myself NOT struggling to keep them out of the way as I open and shut windows, NOT trying to water them in situ without spilling water on things that don't like water because to move them and their dangley appendages would inevitably knock something that doesn't like falling from where it was hiding behind the vines, etc. 10 little plants went in there! Mostly golden pothos and philodendron, a couple of peperomia and something I seem to remember is dracaena.

Plant Consolodation

Once I had them settled in, I tucked the edges of the plastic bags back down into the pot and lopped off the ends that trailed past the bottom so that I could re-situate the planter on the floor. And my friends, I am proud to say: I threw those trimmings straight out!


Plant Consolodation

Five weeks later, and all the plants are settled in and growing like gangbusters. And I've only had to water once every 10 days or so. I'd call it a successful experiment.

Plant Consolodation

It was already time for the first haircut to keep the ends from trailing all over the floor. Threw those out too! Even though wow, I could have filled a whole new big planter with just those cuttings. But no! I can resist the temptation!

The end stalks look a bit ragged, but I'm sure they'll be covered back up again in no time. I also took advantage of the opportunity to flop it around so that the opposite side faced the window.

- Victoria, 2012-08-15

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