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What is the Muffinator? Short for "the Muffin (recipe gener)ator", it's an on-line tool that allows you to pick some details about the treat you want to bake, and then based on your input, it generates a custom recipe page for you to print.

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Along with the default "muffin and quick bread loaves" settings, you can also set the generator to create a pancake/waffle batter recipe or a scone/biscuit recipe. The basic options allow you to set how sweet, how fatty and how eggy you want your recipe to be as well as which grains, sweeteners, fats and egg types you want to use. And then a long list of flavoring, stir-in and topping options are provided to get your creative ideas flowing.

If you bookmark the generated page showing your recipe, you can return to it later and select the "edit" option to make a few changes to your recipe. The recipe page also provides text and image link codes that you can copy-paste to your blog or elsewhere to share your creation with others. Feel free also to copy-paste the text of your recipe wherever you would like and edit it to reflect how you personalized the recipe. If you do so, please provide a link back to the Muffinator form or to the automatic recipe you started with.

There are lots of options, and though I haven't even begun to try all the possible combinations yet, here are some samples from my own kitchen:

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Some Tips

  • Keep the flavoring simple try not to use too many flavors and stir-ins in one recipe. Lots of different spices are fine, but too many semi-liquid flavorings like applesauce, pumpkin, banana, etc could potentially overwhelm the dry ingredients and not bake properly.
  • Watch total stir-in amounts peoples' tastes for how many chocolate chips, blueberries, nuts, etc they want in their recipe vary greatly, so the Muffinator just outputs an average amount as a starting point. If you want more or less, just go with your instincts. If you are using multiple different types of stir-in you may need to use a little less of each so that the total amount doesn't swamp the amount of batter you have.
  • Cake? If you like your muffins very rich and cake-like, you will want to select the high sugar, high fat and high egg settings. The tool defaults to more moderate levels that are traditionally used for muffins. Slightly lower levels will still result in a good muffin, particularly if you use a fruit or vegetable flavoring (applesauce, pumpkin, etc) to provide moisture. The lowest levels will give a more biscuit or scone like result excellent for everyday snacking and/or use with flavored butters, jam, etc.
  • Bookmark! Remember to bookmark your recipe. That way, once you've used your recipe for the first time, you can come back and make any changes you would like. And once you find a base level of sweetness/fat/eggyness that you like, you can experiment with more confidence as to the flavoring options. You might also want to make a small test batch first, then return to your bookmark, edit and modify the recipe amount parameter to make a bigger batch with no math required!
  • Have fun & share! blog, pinterest, facebook, e-mail or otherwise share the love. You can link directly to the recipe you created using the provided links, or straight to the form so that other people can start creating. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!
Need help with the recipe ingredient amounts given by weight? See the Weight Equivalents page.

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