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 Muffinator - Custom Muffin Recipe Generator
Select your options and generate your own customized muffin, quick bread, pancake, waffle recipe based on what you have on hand or feel like making.
 About the Muffinator Recipe Generator
Details about the Muffinator, a recipe generating tool that lets you specify just what kind of treat you want to bake.
 Semi-Crockpot Lasagna
This week I experimented with a new Lasagna method that I think is a winner, drafting my crockpot into service for the first leg of the relay.
 Mini Donut Cookies
Tasty and easy-to-make, this cookie recipe is fun and a particularly good project to do with kids, arguably even better than the venerable cut-out cookie.
 Cat Calzones
Fun lunch idea for cat loving kids; make the easy no-rise crust, fill with whatever you have handy and bake.
 Starter Bread & English Muffins
My pregnancy came with a bread addiction that has persisted 3 years post-partum. It's a pretty nice addiction to have, Atkins-Smatkins.
 Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie House
Missed your chance at a holiday gingerbread house, or liked it so much you're ready for another one? Try a miniature Valentine's House!
 Gingerbread House 2011
A confession: I did not actually let my young child decorate our first annual ginger bread house. I was having just a little too much fun doing it myself!
 Easiest Ever Overnight Pita Bread
An overnight, on-the-counter rise is the secret to dough that's super-easy to roll out. Then sit back and watch your pita bread puff in bread or even on the stove top.
 Crockpot Refried Beans
Reach for your crockpot and some dried beans rather than your can-opener the next time you're in the mood for some delicious and inexpensive refried beans.
 Cranberry Sugar Cookies
Craggy and delicious, simple and unfussy
 Potato Skin Snack
Peeling potatoes? Make yourself a quick, crunchy snack in the microwave while you cook.
 Chili-Mac Casserole (with Beef, Corn & Beans)
a spicy week-night supper in a casserole dish, this version goes light on the dairy & beef, but heavy on the hearty.
 Kool-aid Dot Sprinkles
Color and flavor your own cupcake or cookie sprinkles with kool-aid drink mix.
 Potato, Beef, Veggie Dinner Casserole
a hearty family dinner
 Low-key Pizza
Homemade pizza, from scratch, but with a laid-back attitude. A fabulous crisp crust without the stand-mixers, food-processers, hand-kneading, pizza stones, pizza peels, or lengthy preheat times. A bowl, an aluminum pan and some patience is all you need.
 Magic Bread Box
Bake yeast bread on any busy day of the week with a bit of dough from your Magic Bread Box.
 PB&J Piggy
Delight a child with a cute spin on the traditional PB&J sandwich.
 Cast Iron Frying Pan Roast Chicken Breast
Use your cast-iron frying pan to make deliciously moist roast chicken.
 Sweet Potato Waffles
a cut above regular waffles, and divine with syrup and powdered sugar.
 Semi-pound cake
a lighter version of the classic, perfect for a special snack or casual family occasion
 Potato Focaccia
great for picnic sandwiches or as a vehicle for spreadable cheese


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