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 Quilted Scrappy Duffel
I had a drawer full of random calico scraps and a need for a roomy bag, so I set myself a challenge: make a duffel bag without buying a single thing new
 Recycled DIY backpack
I was looking for a fun hand sewing challenge around the same time I was also thinking I could use a light weight backpack for biking...
 Make Long Sleeves into Short Sleeves
Picked up a great shirt thrifting, but the cuffs were ridiculous... snip, whir, short sleeves!
 Commuter Tote Bag
Now that I'm working full time and commuting via bus and train, I envy the numerous women I see who seem fully capable of venturing forth with nothing more than an attractive shoulder bag. But not enough to quit bringing my assorted bulky items with me. Time to get sewing!
 making a girl's apron from a dress
Turning an outgrown dress into an apron is a quick and easy project that doesn't require much sewing.
 Pants Minus Shorts Equals Skirt
What do you do with the extra fabric when you turn pants into shorts? Skirt!
 Upcycle a Bedspread into Reusable Grocery Bag Totes
One day I was cleaning out my closet and I happened to notice a rather hideous old queen-sized bedspread, the finest $20 could buy you from Wal-mart when I was a newly minted college graduate...
 Starry Red Field Dress
As a certified pack-rat, I try not to sew too many dresses or toys for my little one, knowing full well that (assuming she's not hauling a big box of out grown things off to college) I will be stuck with them forever, unable to contemplate giving them away. But I spotted a good length of star-spangled calico...
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 1: Introduction
"This dress, or something similar" the e-mail said, linking to an ivory confection of satin, net and tulle for sale at a certain store, let's just call it Davy Jones' Nuptial Locker.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 2: Getting Started
The first step was pattern hunting, but I couldn't seem to find a bodice with princess seams designed for little people. No problem, right?
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 3: Lining Skirt
The first thing I did differently than usual was I actually took the time to pre-wash my fabrics (except the tulle/net). I even -- and I can hardly believe it myself -- zig-zagged the raw edges before washing so that they wouldn't unravel everywhere.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 4: Bodice Insets
Next I set to work on the bodice lining. I had considered interfacing the bodice as well as lining it. A trial run, however, persuaded me to abandon the idea. It just didn't look comfy, besides making all the construction more complicated.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 5: Netting & Tulle Layers
Stymied on the bodice-front, I turned to the skirt. I started with the easiest part, the 10" flounce for the bottom-most layer.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 6: Bodice Assembly
Finally the satin bodice front was dry and I was able to continue work. I started by pressing everything and then connecting the shoulders.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 7: Skirt Set Back
With the bodice looking very bodice-like and the skirt portions like-wise well along their way, I thought it was time to stack everything together and see what we had.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 8: Skirt/Bodice Assembly
I had forgotten to make a slit in the top back of the skirt for the zipper extension, and after some study, decided that ripping out the seams for 2 inches would be more trouble than it was worth on fray-free net and just cut right in.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 9: Zipper
Though I've been installing zippers for years and years, and once did a fair number of zipper flys (not recently though) figuring out how to do the lapped zipper took some preparation.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 10: Try On & Finishing
Finally the dress was at a state where I felt I could safely and productively try it on. I held my breath and struggled a bit to keep the lining, still loose inside, from bunching up too badly, and then zip, and phew! It fit.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 11: Big Day
Finally, the big day arrived. The dress emerged only slightly wrinkled from it's sojourn in a too-small suit-case and floated out into the lime-light, the skirt miraculously just the right length to avoid being stepped on.
 Flower Girl Dress, Part 12: Conclusion
I bought the fabric and supplies over the course of many trips to Jo-Ann's, all the better to maximize my preferred customer coupons.
 Miss Mouse & Miss Kitty
Girly dresses and animal ears, a winning combination in small rag dolls.
 Converting jeans to skinny jeans
Grab a pair of jeans from the depths of your closet or a thrift store and make yourself a new pair of skinny jeans.
 3 Hens in a Basket
3 little fleece hens snuggle in a nest.
 Soft Little Duck
A quick little softee for little hands.
 Cozy Little Penguin
Whip up an adorable 3" penguin perfect for holiday and winter decorating
 Fairy Rag Dolls
Turn a few scraps into a charming set of fairy dolls.
 Storm At Night
An eye-catching twist on the traditional Storm-at-Sea pattern.
 Square Panel Quilt
A small quilt with a sophisticated look but simple shapes and construction.


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