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 Cardboard & Paper Costume Cat Ears
Whip up these quick 3-D cardboard ears and be ready for Halloween, costume play or any convenient feline masquerading opportunity. No wire is required, just paper supported by light-weight cardboard.
 Halloween Countdown Calendar
Excited about Halloween? Here's a spooky printable calendar to keep your preparations on track!
 simplify your grocery list-making
For those of us who can't manage to add things to our grocery list right when they run out: a speedy alternate method to ensure nothing important gets forgotten.
 Organizer Trays from the Recycling Bin
Plastic organizers are wonderful and durable, but sometimes it's nice to avoid whatever unpleasant weather has you hunkering down, save your pennies and make use of things you already have around the house while the urge to organize is still with you.
 Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar
Plans for a fancy advent calendar fell through? Here's one you can print in a snap.
 Friendly Bat Kite
Print a small paper kite, perfect for small children and Halloween treats.
 Halloween Clip Art Sticker Sheet
Out of candy? Want a different give-away? If you have a sheet of printable address labels handy, you're ready to print themed stickers!
 Fold-n-Cut Paper Halloween Garland
Remember cutting chains of paper dolls? This Halloween version provides 6 templates to choose from.
 Baton Banners
Spice up a walk with your little one on a breezy day with a miniature banner attached to a short stick.
 Clipart Animal Stickers
Churn out a bumper crop of sticker strips for your next kiddie give-away using inexpensive printable address labels.
 Owl Kite
Print yourself a paper kite and be out flying in no time.
 Paper Airplane Kite
A simple folded paper plane with a bit of string becomes a small kite for little hands.
 Animal Shadow Makers
Make 6 quick shadow toys out of cardboard.
 Colorful Cat Sticker Strips & Coloring Sheet
Turn one sheet of address labels into 90 stickers.
 Colorful Cats Paper Fingerpuppet Toys
Great for imaginative play, counting, color identification or just arranging in a line.
 Small Butterfly Kite
Print and assemble a small paper kite, perfect for small children.
 Pants Shopping Sizing Strip
Keep this sizing strip in your wallet to make pants shopping less frustrating.
 Butterfly Paper Beads
Print, roll & enjoy these cute paper beads.


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