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 Crocus Sibieri Tricolor
tiny but welcome
 Taking down a 10 foot foundation planting
Clearly, it was too big, and too close to the garage and adjacent path. But how to get it out with the least amount of fuss and expense?
 Burning drainage holes
Lacking a soldering iron, I use a candle to quickly put drainage holes in recycled plastic containers for planting seeds.
Decorative painted wood trellis, my first try
 mini xeriscape planter
Quick and easy mini-brick planter project for a hot/dry summer, cold winter, location.
 Drying Herbs
Turns out "making our own spices!" is a fun kids project.
 Chive Seed Saving Craft Project
Chives are easy to grow with beautiful flowers and produce a easily harvestable seeds in quantity... here's a quick and easy idea for something to do with all those little seeds.
 DIY seed propagation heating mat
A simple way to create a warm environment for seeds to sprout.
 Custom Spring Planting Schedule
Select your target last frost date and select the plants you would like to grow for a customized planting calendar to print.
 Pressed Leaf Garland
Turn a fall nature walk, backyard expedition or day at the park into a material gathering party for this simple project. Even the littlest of little ones will enjoy joining in to help bring a little bit of fall in doors.
 Plant Consolidation
Taking advantage of my sentimental inability to resist plopping plant trimmings into water for rooting, a small crack team of potted plants have been conducting a clandestine attemp to take over my apartment.
 Custom Fall Planting Schedule
Select your target first frost date and select the plants you would like to grow for a customized planting calendar to print.
 Perpetual Basil Harvesting
If you're pretty sure you could never have enough basil plants, here's a way to get some more with every harvest...
 Soda Bottle Mini Greenhouses
Great for winter sowing or just getting a bit of a jump on the season when overnight frosts are still a possibility, these mini greenhouses are quick and easy to make with 2 bottles from the recycling bin.
 Dwarf Morning Glory, Lobelia & Marigold
This year's early bird spring has me busily plotting and planning my annual container garden campaign, and thinking over campaigns past. One of my favorite arrangements involved a trio of seed-grown plants that turned out to be spectacular companions: dwarf morning glory, lobelia and marigolds.
 DIY Basket Planter
Turn any basket into a decorative planter.
 Planter DIY Water Reservoir
Keep your container garden happy through long hot days with a hidden water reservoir.


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