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1/160.0625  1/80.125  
3/160.1875   1/40.25
5/160.3125   3/80.375  
7/160.4375   1/20.5
9/160.5625   5/80.625  
11/160.6875   3/40.75
13/160.825   7/80.875  
15/16 0.9375 

Welcome to the Quilt Calculator! This little tool is designed to make figuring out how much yardage you need for a certain number of pieces of a certain size and shape easy. It can also help you switch between finished & cut dimensions.

This web version is currently the only version I have made of this. Someday I hope to have the programming skills to make an off-line one! The more interest there is, the more likely it is to happen...


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