Tangled Synthesis


1. Blending/Layering/Masking Tutorial (Demonstration)

Originally created for a P2K exhibition challenge, this tutorial demonstrates my basic blending/layering/masking technique. I suggest skimming it and then proceeding to my new-and-improved version of this tutorial (see below)

2. Blending/Layering/Masking Tutorial (Walk-through)

This tutorial actually walks you through step by step how to make a sample collage from a few (provided) screen shots.

3. Complex Seamless Tiling Backgrounds

This tutorial shows you how to turn just about any image or collage into an edgeless tiling background.

4. Glowiness, and other Smoothing techniques

This tutorial shows you how to add glow and other kinds of smooth/softness to collages.

5. Simple Web Design

This tutorial shows you how to transform a collage in Photoshop into a working web-design.

6. Anatomy of a Collage

This tutorial takes you step by step through the creation of one of my collages, in an attempt to demystify the process and show you how very mundane beginnings can end up all sparkly and fancy.

7. Masks, Masks, Masks!

Everything you ever wanted to know about how I use masks, but were afraid to ask because you *knew* I'd talk your ear off. And you were right, I'm quite verbose on the subject...

8. Making Custom Brushes

Covers the basics in detail and then goes on to give examples of different types of custom brushes.

9. Collage Redux: A discussion

I dive into my archive to unearth some early work, dissect the many, many things wrong with it, and work through some improvements.

10. Adjustment Layers

Make life easier for yourself, use Adjustment Layers. Easy, flexible, time-saving, fun!

11. The Photoshop Not-A-Tutorial

a tour of the tools and techniques available, with hints about where to look in the Photoshop help files and how/why to use 'em.

12. Stock Images

Welcome to the wonderful world of stock images, one of the easiest and best ways to make your own cool and unique backgrounds and textures. And that's just the beginning...

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